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Below are all the tests and inspections Diamond E Testing currently performs, broken down into concrete, asphalt, soil, masonry, physical, and aggregate services. All technicians are ODOT certified and a part of the WAQTC which allows Diamond E Testing to perform all tests and inspections listed in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Texas, Alaska, and Hawaii. Please contact us for pricing information or to request a bid.

Masonry Testing

  • Absorption, Unit Weight, & Moisture Content

  • Brick Absorption

  • Brick Compression

  • Brick Efflorescence

  • CMU Compression

  • CMU Drying Shrinkage

  • CMU Efflorescence

  • CMU Grout Prism

  • Masonry Prism Compression

  • Mortar Compression

  • Retaining Wall Unit Compression

Concrete Testing

  • ​​Absorption, Unit Weight, and Moisture Content Test

  • Air Dry Utility Weight Test

  • Comprehensive Strength Cylinder Test

    • (Includes Curing, Breaking, & Report)

  • Compressive High Strength Cylinder Test

    • (Over 10,000 PSI)

  • Core Density & Length of Concrete Core Test

    • (ASTM C174)

  • Flexural Strength Beam Test

  • Mix Design One Point Verification & Three Point Water Cement Curve

  • Modulus of Elasticity Test and Poisson's Ratio

  • Shotcrete Panel Test

    • (Includes Four Cores)

  • Shrinkage Test

    • (ASTM C175 - Set of Three)

  • Splitting Tensile Test

  • Voids & Density of Hardened Concrete Test

    • (ASTM C642)


Asphalt Testing

  • Asphalt Extraction & Gradation

  • Asphalt Mix Design

  • Asphalt Stripping

  • Marshall Asphalt Test

  • Rice Density

  • Superlative Asphalt Test

Physical Testing

  • Bond Test

  • Fireproofing Density

  • Load Testing to 600,000 lbs

Aggregate Testing

  • Clay Lumps & Friable Particles

  • Course & Fine Aggregate Specific Gravity

  • Fractured Face Count

  • LA Abrasion

  • Lightweight Pieces in Aggregate

  • Organic Impurities

  • Sieve Analysis

  • Sodium Sulfate Soundness

Soils Testing

  • Atterberg Limits

  • California Bearing

  • Degradation

  • Flat and Elongated Ratio Particles

  • Hydrometer

  • Moisture Content

  • Organic Matter

  • Proctor

  • Relative Density

  • Sand Equivalent

  • Soil Cement Mix Design

  • Soil Cement Compression Test

  • Specific Gravity 

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